Boiler Installation in Eastleigh

New boiler installation in Eastleigh? Not an issue, A T Plumbing & Heating has it covered! We know that purchasing a new boiler is a major decision, especially since it is usually an unexpected purchase, and so our engineers offer a straightforward FREE no obligation fixed price quote. We’ll arrange for one of our knowledgeable boiler system advisers to take you through the options available to you and make sure that you get the right boiler for your home and budget. As a boiler isn’t a standard purchase we also have a range of flexible payment options to suit such as our popular ‘buy now pay later’ offer.

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Combi-Boilers Eastleigh

A combi-boiler provides heat for your radiators and offers hot water on demand. This type of boiler system is a very popular choice for domestic households. A combi-boiler functions via an input of cold water straight from a mains supply and heating the water when you require. This removes the necessity for a separate hot water storage tank/cylinder. Advantages: All components required are stored in the boiler. They provide a much more compact solution.

Instant hot water offered on demand devoid of the dependence on a tank/storage solution, often placed in the loft location of the home. Disadvantages: Only really suitable for a small home. In reality you will only attain hot water throughput to one device, ie, a shower.

System Boilers Eastleigh

If you live in a property with more than one bathroom or will need more hot water than can be supplied by a combi boiler, then a system boiler could possibly be your perfect heating and hot water solution.

With a system boiler installation in Eastleigh, hot water is pumped to the radiators and hot water storage cylinder. Most of the major components of the heating and hot water system, like the pump and expansion vessel, are built in to the boiler, this makes installation much easier, tidier and more efficient, and even simplifies servicing.

System boilers mix high efficiency and high performance with fantastic ‘green’ credentials. The reliability, versatility, convenience and easy installation provided by a system boiler also contribute to its attraction.

Our kitchen fitting services includes kitchen plumbing ranging from From a small kitchen to luxury family kitchen……. and we can do the tiling, electrics and plastering too.

Biomass Boiler Installation

Biomass boilers have rapidly become a cost efficient alternative for providing heating and hot water to homes with the introduction of the government’s renewable heat incentive (RHI).

Converting to a biomass boiler installation in Eastleigh will allow you to reap considerable financial rewards over seven years as this technology offers the most lucrative payback rate for homeowners and usually offsets the cost of installation within five years.

In addition to residential properties, biomass heating is also ideal for commercial premises like farms, country pubs and hotels. Instead of using mainstream fossil fuels such as oil, LPG and direct electric, biomass boilers utilise one of the most natural sustainable fuel sources available to us in wood.

Conventional Boiler (Heat only boiler)

A conventional boiler requires a storage tank/water cylinder in which the hot water is stored. The system can be enabled and disabled so that you can produce hot water only when required.

Advantages: Much better suited to large households in which multiple persons will need hot water simultaneously.

Disadvantages: Once the hot water is depleted from the tank/storage system you’ll be required to wait.

Boiler Efficiency: Gas central heating furnished by your boiler will account for 60-70% of your home emissions. Choosing the right efficiency is key to reducing your energy bills and lowering your footprint on the atmosphere.

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Our gas engineers in Eastleigh carry out work to the highest specifications, and we are happy with our high quality workmanship. We offer a timely, reliable and personal service, and many customers revisit us again and again thanks to our friendly approach and impressive after sales care.

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